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Ride A Bike, Thank M.A. Cherry

In May 1888 Cherry received a patent for creating the tricycle, a three-wheeled vehicle that is used today mostly by pre-schoolers although it is used for many other purposes in different countries. In Asia and Africa, tricycles are used for commercial transportation and deliveries.

After receiving the patent for the tricycle, Cherry set out to solve a problem with streetcars.

At the time, whenever the front of a streetcar accidentally collided with another object, the streetcar was severely damaged, often having to be totally replaced, so he invented the streetcar fender – a piece of metal that was attached to the front of the streetcar and acted as a shock absorber which diminished the impact of an accident and added safety for passengers and employees.

Cherry received a patent for the streetcar fender on January 1, 1895, and the device has been modified through the years and is now used on almost every transportation device.


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