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Ending Pay Disparity

March is Women's History month and we are excited to celebrate Women all year long but especially in the month of March. March 24th is Women's Equal Pay Day, this day is much later in the year for women of color.

While many may debate the actual figures what everyone can agree on is pay disparities have existed since women entered the workforce, the disparities cross all industries and the disparities persists despite females outpacing males in education (about 60 percent of college graduates are female).

Here are three things you can do to close and eliminate the gap

  1. Research: look internally at pay rates. This information should be on report away. Use the information to ascertain if there is a disparity between what women and men are paid.

  2. Educate: inform the leadership of the disparities you find and be as specific as possible. For example, don't just say "men get paid more than women," specifically say "male directors in operations are currently paid 20% higher than woman directors in operations."

  3. Act: propose tangible actions and then hold leadership accountable.

If you need help give me a call but do something.


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