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Dethra U. Giles

International consultant, best-selling author & keynote speaker.


I am Dethra, the “E” is long, the “H” is silent, Deetruh. For most of my life, I dealt with people saying my name incorrectly. After seeing me upset at hearing my name said wrong, my grandmother sat me down and said, “It's not what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” That statement changed my life, and, at that moment, I developed a formula that would help people say my name correctly “long E, silent H, like Detroit but a long a instead of oit.” I also realized that my grandmother’s words went far beyond being, incorrectly, called Death Ray, it was about knowing what people should call me, and being able to answer the question “who am I?”

My road to self-discovery was winding. I wish it was straight, but it wasn’t. It was riddled with self-doubt, obstacles, discrimination, and setbacks: some that almost made me give up, some that threatened my life, all taking me closer to my destiny, what people should call me.


Today, I find myself encountering people who have allowed others to define and name them. I find entrepreneurs answering to employee, Vice Presidents answering to manager, greatness answering to mediocrity, I find people answering to the wrong names. Just like I hated being called Death Ray, I also hate watching people answer and live outside of whom they are meant to be. So, I created a formula to help people build their bridge from “I want to be to I am.” I developed a way for people to change their lives and transform their companies by getting the promotion they want and the pay they deserve. This is why they call me the Chief Bridge Architect

The only thing between you and your goals is a bridge. Lucky for you, I am the Chief Bridge architect, here to help you build and cross your bridge from I want to be to I am.

Now is your time!


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I needed help motivating my team and we brought in Dethra to speak to the team. We expected motivation but we did not expect for the staff to still talking about the meeting a month later. They are still asking for more. The staff talks about how they were motivated to work better, harder and build a better life. If you want your people motivated by a person that has a passion and skill for growing people and organizations to achieve the most effective results, Dethra is your person. We had her present virtually but we cannot wait to bring her back for a face-to-face session and give her more time.

Angela S. Grant, Energy Solutions Manager
Atlanta Gas Light & Chattanooga Gas Company

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