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Career Strategic Plan

Imagine you planned a trip. You picked out your destination, went shopping, booked excursions, got your hair done, and were ready to go. Everything is perfectly planned except the how. 

You planned where you were going, what you would do once you got there, but forgot to plan your path. You have a great destination in mind but no plan to get there.

It sounds crazy, sounds like something you would never do, except you probably have.

Career Strategic Plan plan maps out exactly how you will get from the cubicle to the corner office. Do You Have One?

If the answer is "No," don't stress, you are in the right place, and you have found the right person.

I am the CEO maker, and I am here to help you navigate your journey to the corner office.


Meet your host

After working with thousands of executives, senior leaders, and
organizations, powerhouse Dethra U. Giles is committed to sharing the most simple and successful career ideas. No more
philosophical and esoteric concepts—Happily Ever Employed is all about real-world, practical career knowledge that will help
real Employeepreneurs!

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Dethra’s TEDx

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TEDx Alpharetta

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