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What if 

You Could Show Up As You Are?

It is time to let go of what didn’t go right, change your way of thinking, get your confidence back and become unstoppable.


What would life look like if your confidence didn’t hold you back?

There was a time when you were confident.

But something happened and you began to believe the negative messages that you

  • Weren’t good enough

  • You would fail

  • Being accepted by others was more important than what you knew about yourself

No matter what you overcome or how many degrees you have, the stuff we are told and chose to believe stays with us, impacting every move we make.


Did you know that 95% of what we do as adults is dictated by subconscious patterns learned when we were children?


Take back your power from patterns that do not serve you and step into unshakable confidence.

What if you could get rid of those limiting beliefs?

What if you could get your confidence back and live in your unstoppable power?

That life could be yours in just two simple steps:

The first step is to uncover and understand the beliefs systems holding you back.

The second step is to replace those limiting beliefs with powerful frameworks that help you develop unstoppable confidence.


What does it mean to be Unstoppable?


Are you ready to stop questioning yourself and finally rise above your self-doubt?

Are you ready to show your authentic self and boldly pursue your dreams without worrying about others' thoughts?

Are you ready to stop sabotaging your success?

Then, you are ready for the 10-Week "A Confident You" with Dethra Giles.

What You Get In the 10 Week Program


10 video trainings from Dethra   ($597 value)

Daily Affirmations  (invaluable)

Two LIVE group coaching sessions  ($675 value)

One confidence planner   ($75 value)

Confidence Workbook   ($45 value)

Finding my confidence e-book  ($18 value)

Confidence strategic plan template  ($98 value)

A community ready to help each other along this path (invaluable) 

Total Value:


As you see, the total value of this program is $1508.

However, you won’t be paying anything near that amount. You will get the 10-week course for a fraction of the typical investment. 

I want to make this accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why you won’t be paying the total price.

Join the 10-week "A Confident You" Program now for just

Claim the life you desire

Enroll NOW!

Hey, Im

Dethra U.Giles

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of people across all walks of life to help them live without limits.

I've helped people struggling with imposter syndrome and low self-esteem to gain freedom from self-sabotage, self-criticism, and self-doubt so they can create their dream lives and careers. From the entry-level receptionist to C-suite professionals, people's most common issue is the belief that they are not enough.

After coaching hundreds of executives and realizing 90% of them dealt with a lack of confidence, I realized something had to be done. When we were supposed to spend six months advancing their career, we spent the first three months improving confidence.

For this reason, I decided to create this program to help everyone clear their limiting beliefs, realize with unshakable certainty that they are enough, and finally experience the phenomenal success, prosperity, and confidence they deserve.

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