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Dethra U. Giles is a Keynote Speaker who excites and incites people to be ‘evolutionary change leaders’ who can transform the future for themselves, their teams, companies and ultimately the world.

Giles keynotes answer the question:

“What can you do to be future ready now and to lead the changes to get there?”


The future is calling people to evolve their change leadership abilities to the next level and to thrive in the new normal of ‘not knowing what’s going to happen next’. The human race is wired for evolution – to push the envelope, create something out of nothing and collectively drive to transform the systems and processes.  Dethra’s coaching style prepares her clients and organization to make this move and become comfortable with their trajectory to greatness.


The opportunity is right here and right now to be a force for massive positive change and the time to co-create THE future is now! The time is now to forge a spectacular future through business that impacts all of humanity in a meaningful and profound way.  Mastermind allows for this collaboration and Dethra’s masterminds done around the world create an environment and platform for this to happen.  Join Dethra and other top executives in exotic locations like Thailand, Singapore, South Africa or Peru, just to name a few locations.



Dethra U. Giles is an internationally sought-after international speaker and executive coach, with several speeches delivered to many during company annual events. Each presentation is new and customized for the people in the room, with insights specific to your industry and the people you need Dethra to reach. With a mix of candid humor and straight talk as well as actionable steps to back up any lofty idea she shares, Dethra delivers a unique blend of inspiration as well as tangible performance-improving insight necessary for helping you own the game you most want to win. As a renowned author of "Unstuck: Discovering Career Limiting Actions", you can be rest assured that you will be entertained, enlightened, and empowered by her performance.


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