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You are a multibillion dollar organization and your career is your product, the Happily Ever Employed podcast is primed to help you manage a multibillion dollar product and be the CEO of your career.  It will make you an Employeepreneur equipped to lead the best career possible, get the promotion you want and the pay you deserve so you can enjoy your career and live your life.

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After working with thousands of executives, senior leaders, and organizations, powerhouse Dethra U. Giles is committed to sharing the most simple and successful career ideas. No more philosophical and esoteric concepts—Happily Ever Employed is all about real-world, practical career knowledge that will help real Employeepreneurs! 

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It’s time to get the promotion you want and the pay you deserve. Happily Ever Employed is the most practical business career podcast you will find to help you achieve those goals!

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Each week, Dethra Giles will release a new episode that answers your pressing questions about being the CEO of your career. Each episode will highlight another tool for managing your career that you can use immediately to take action, and progress toward your career goals.

Get relief, clarity, and an effective plan of action. You are one simple tip, practical tool, and small step away from overcoming your current challenges and maximizing your career.

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