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On Investing In Yo

Get ready to change the way you think, the way you show up, and the results you get. It is time to get you where you want to be on your own terms.

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Let's prepare for your strategy session

1. Come well rested: you will do a lot of mental work and that can be exhausting sometimes.  If you show up tired you will not get the best results

2. Find a location with limited distractions: My clients are parents, parterners, business owners, C-suite are busy and there is a lot going on, I get it. But, make this meeting a priority otherwise you are wasting money

3. Execpect to be challenged: You will hear a lot of me asking "Why" and "How."

4. Come prepared with questions for me: I will have a ton of questions for you but this goes a lot better when you have questions for me.

5. This session will by: We will not answer the question to the mysteries of the world in our time together. Come to the session knowing what success will be for you in the session.

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