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Race Conversations at Work

Today conversations around race are happening all across the United States.  These are conversations that are long overdue.  These conversations will be deemed useless if no substantive change is produced as a result of the conversation.  Join me for a series of videos that will walk you through the steps of making sure these conversations yield the results that you and your organizations deserve.

A person is not a system. If you are going to make real, lasting change you must address the system that allows bad actors to exist while simultaneously discouraging good actors from speaking up.

Expressing the problem with specificity is the key to the solution.

Ask for what you want. Now is the time to speak, ask, and negotiate.

Why not you? Volunteers will be needed to serve and to hold the organization accountable.

Whose job is it?  If that question goes unanswered the task will go undone. Ensuring that someone is assigned the task is vital to the success of any conversation(s) that result in a change initiative.

The difference between allegiance and alliance makes all of the difference. Let's make sure we understand what we are asking for.

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