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Prepare Your Organization for Election Results

Prepare your organization for November 4th, the day after the most contentious election of our lifetime.

According to USA Today, Time, CNBC, and other national news outlets, officials anticipate violence as a result of the upcoming presidential elections.

The emotions that you see on the news and on social media will show up in your office, even in your virtual workplaces: be prepared.

Join the 2-part live webinar (October 29th and November 2nd) where you will

  • Learn what to anticipate on November 3rd 

  • Receive a quick training guide for leaders

  • Get a conversation checklist

  • Learn the conversational competence training guide for staff using the proprietary DARE model for conversation

  • Receive the November 4th-January 20th maintenance plan

  • Get an opportunity to win free training for your organization

Your organization's preparedness is in your hands. The cost of the training is $1497. But we don't want $1497 to stop your organization from being prepared on November 4th. For a limited time use code "BePrepared" to get the training for the price of $397.

The difference between the news headlines showing up in your organization and your company being a leader on how to handle the emotions are November 4th is one webinar.

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