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Quit your job, Run your career, Make the money you deserve

The Program You Have Been Asking For Is Here


My TEDx Talk on Employeepreneurship was a BIG hit. After doing the talk I received calls from around the world. People from as far as Thailand wanted access to more information on the how's of being a successful Employeepreneur. Some of those people hired me as their coach to the tune of $10K-$16.5K. One client called to tell me they just got a $50,000 increase, simply by using the tools shared through my coaching. 


My clients make all of their money back and then some. Despite that, everyone just doesn't have $10,000 to shell out or they want to try something out before they make a larger investment. One person, when told the cost of my coaching gasped then followed with "Is there a book or something?" The answer was "No", but I have been in the lab changing that. 

Prize worth $1575.00 

Now, I am nearly finished with the course but the book is a rework in progress. I want this book to be your book. So, I am giving you an opportunity to win FREE admission into the Employeepreneur online Course, a value of $1575.00.

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Cheers and Good Luck

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